Catalogue of Incel/Love-Shy Websites (All Aren't Worth Shit)

 I am a person who has some pretty serious problems with dating, sex, relationships, blah, blah, blah. So I went to my favorite resource Google.  Through a few quick searches I realized I was screwed and not in the way that I want.  Through certain websites I have found that I probably could be considered an incel which means I want to fuck but can't find anyoneto fuck me or have a relationship with me. This has caused me a lot of pain and I was hoping to find a resource to deal with it. Sites with love shy popped up too. Love shy basically means you have trouble maintaining and starting relationships and find girls scary and/or unattainable OR just despise them in general. These are the top results that I found. What a fucking pile of steaming horse shit.

 Love Shys

Basically a site for men who hate women but really want girlfriends or at the very least fuck buddies. Don't really understand how they hate women so much but desperately want all women to pay attention to them except black women, fat women, mothers, and feminists. Kind of a scary place to be like an abandoned carnival ground. A lot of threads deal with the definition of rape, women having too high standards, mean women, women rejecting them, etc. A lot of threads basically describing their intense overwhelming hatred towards women in general. If you are a person who doesn't hate women you are banned and called a troll. Or a mangina which is mix of man and vagina. It means that you are not a psychopath who hates women for not fucking you. Populated by nutjobs like Eduard Limonov who basically does nothing except make the other love shys feel like shit and fans the flames of desperation and monkey who does nothing but make countless lame observations about wimmin (his word) and tries to be clever but ends up looking like a moron with too much free time. Too extreme for me. Like women enough, but they just won't fuck me. Only went to site twice because I did not want it to be on my home computers history.

OK website but pretty basic. Talmer Shockley(sp?) runs it and is a guy who wrote a book about love shy you can get on Amazon but has piss poor reviews about it so I didn't buy. Seems to be mainly an advertisement for his book but also has basic info about love shyness. Biggest criticism I have is the format. Made my eyes bleed because it is so disorganized and sloppy.


Basically a website dedicated to extreme censorship and sheep like behavior meaning everyone has to say what they want you to say and think. If you say something different you are banned and called a troll immediately. Lurked on website for about two weeks and was disgusted. Basic clique runs it and is made up of moderators and friends of moderators.  Also populated by bat shit crazy extremists like Volkuja who uses hateful questions that lead to countless threads being closed after she has had the last word. She also goes to war with anyone who doesnt agree feminism is the greatest thing ever (IT IS NOT) or that her word is the absolute truth and law (it really really is not and is usually heavily biased and idiotic). She also uses QFT and X2 like other people breathe and it is almost as grating as her aggressive and judgmental "personality". Two main moderators seem to be two morons named wildman and theo but they dont do much except side with women in all arguments, especially the whiny and overly emotional ones that have constant mental breakdowns like oblique and stillalone, close threads and repeat the same things constantly. Oh and use LOTS OF RED TEXT SO YOU KNOW YOU ARE IN TROUBLE AND THEY ARE WATCHING YOU, SO YOU BETTER START SHAKING IN FEAR.

Not a support site, but has some ok success stories. Not enough content or updating to do anyone any good though, so essentially worthless.